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Anne Waldron Neumann earned a Ph.D. in English from Johns Hopkins with a dissertation on Jane Austen's literary techniques. She has taught courses on Austen and on South African anti-Apartheid literature at several universities, including Ohio State and the University of Melbourne, Australia. What do Austen and anti-Apartheid writers have in common, according to Anne? They write literature with explicit lessons, whether moral or political, because they believe that literature can influence readers positively -- just as it must have influenced them!

Anne currently teaches creative writing to adults in Princeton, New Jersey. One of her long-time students won the AAWP Prize for Nonfiction.

Anne has written numerous scholarly articles, political essays, reviews, and newspaper opinion pieces. She is also the author of Should You Read Shakespeare?, a book comparing classic literature and contemporary culture. Of course you should read Shakespeare, Anne argues! But why not also watch The Simpsons, consider the meaning of political correctness, or read Toni Morrison's Beloved?

Anne has two books available for publication and another available as a proposal. They are a collection of literary folktales, an academic mystery, and a writing handbook based on Austen's example combined with an appreciation of her novels. See far right for more about two of these works.

Selected Works Available for Publication

Academic murder mystery
Young professors in both English and Mathematics use their complementary skills to solve the simultaneous murder of their two chairmen. The first question: how did the two victims even know each other? The second question: can Alice Forrest, Assistant Professor of English specializing in Jane Austen, win both tenure and love?
Short Story Collection
Why do children get picture books, cookies, and kisses before bedtime? Don't mothers also deserve entertainment, sweetness, and food for thought? My collection of literary folktales aims to fill that need.
Nonfiction - Writer's Handbook
Jane Austen, wrote Virginia Woolf, is "of all great writers . . . the most difficult to catch in the act of greatness." But why not try! Understanding Austen's greatness will make us better readers and better writers. Reading and Writing with Jane Austen combines a fiction-writing handbook with an appreciation of Austen's novels.